No more trying to time the market.

No more information overload and trying to figure out if BitCoin is going up or down.

No more programs that come and go in a few months leaving the investor stranded.

Just a simple, conservative, but proven strategy to double your BitCoin quickly and safely!

About Us

DBB BTC headquarters are located in BVI ( British Virgin Islands). We have Sports Trading teams and Cryptocurrency Trading teams located around the world that make our process possible. Just like any smart investor we diversify our portfolio as a company. We only work with the very best Sports Trading and Cryptocurrency Trading specialists, which allows offer these types of returns to our customers.

Our company has been in business since late 2016. During this time we have perfected the trading model we use, assembled our team of experts, built a system that is secure at all times and created a software platform which has allowed us to now offer it to the public.

Security and protecting our customers is a top priority at DBB. We have multiple servers setup in multiple locations worldwide. This allows us to run our system continuously without fear of going offline or being compromised. Most importantly it allows us to protect your BitCoin, so that we can guarantee you will double it over time.

We have now created a way to double your BitCoin even faster by using our state of the art technology that allows you to refer others to DBB, and you are rewarded through bonuses when this happens. This process has created an exciting environment for people who wish to grow the amount of BitCoin they have, and double it even quicker.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer individuals a way to grow their CryptoCurrency while eliminating the normal risks that are associated with trading in volatile markets.

With a solid foundation and a diversified team our goal is to give you the opportunity to increase the value of your BitCoin both in the short-term and long-term.

Why DBB?

First, we are a unique and one of a kind company. We are the first to the industry that combines the power of Sports Trading and Cryptocurrency Trading with Network Marketing. When you combine the power of Sports Trading with Cryptocurrency you have a very dynamic combination.

Imagine being part of a market that never closes down, has no influence from outside markets or investors, isn’t controlled by a few people at the top, has action around the clock 365 days a year, and inside information is actually legal. With Sports Trading and Cryptocurrency, now you get to participate in both of the markets that have all these benefits.

We have partnered with some of the top Sports Traders in the world to give us the winners. Now we don’t win all the time! In fact no one does. However, with tour conservative money management strategy along with a winning percentage close to 70% we have created a foolproof way to create massive returns! Now we get to share our strategies with our customers.

There are several companies that have been created over the last several years that have disappeared almost as quickly as they were created, leaving their customers behind. The reason why is because the returns and the payouts are not realistic to stand the test of time. If a company is guaranteeing you a specific rate of return paid out daily then you know it can’t be real. There isn’t an asset in the world that can be traded for a specific rate of return every day. DBB pays our customers a percentage that ranges from .25 % all the way up to 2% daily, that is paid every 30 days. The percentage is determined by our performance on our Sports Trading and Cryptocurrency Trading platforms, and is announced the 15th of each month.

DBB could have created a public offer a long time ago. However we wanted to make sure we were in a rock solid position to protect our customers. When you view our packages you will see that they are more conservative than most. This isn’t by accident, it is by design. We intend on being here for the long haul.

If you are looking for a company that is built on a solid foundation, with the end user in mind then you have landed in the right place. We look forward to helping your grow your BitCoin for several years to come.

DBB Benefits

Unique Sports Trading Strategy
Conservative Strategy
Binary Referral System
Bulletproof Security Platform
BusinessTracking System
Duplicated Website

Trading Strategy

DBB has developed a Sports Trading strategy over the past 2 years that we now get to share with the public. We have assembled a team of top Sports Traders and handicappers all around the globe. This has allowed us to reduce the risk, and develop a methodology that simply works.

A combination of the best Sports Handicappers in the world along with a proven money management strategy, has allowed us to create a winning formula for our customers. The diversity in our trades and our trading teams have set us apart from our competitors.

Our conservative philosophy combined with our experienced Sports Traders has created an environment, which allows us to pay a consistent returns back to our customers. It is what has made it possible for us to offer the ability for you to double your BitCoin, as long as you own one of our packages!

How It Works

DBB BTC has 3 very profitable ways you can earn BitCoin, which include our “Fast Start Bonus”, “Trading Bonus”, and our “Binary Pay”.

Fast Start Bonus

The Fast Start Bonus is designed to give you instant payments as your personal team grows, and while you help others on your team grow as well.

These bonuses will be paid to your personal wallet daily!

Level 1 = 5%

Level 2 = 3%

Level 3 = 2%

We reward you for growing your personal team, and also helping your team members have success! There is no limit to the amount of Fast Start Bonuses you can receive.

*In Order To Qualify For The Fast Start must have personal sales volume equals to or greater than the package you own.

Trading Bonus

DBB has designed a Trading Bonus that is paid directly to your wallet daily after you purchase your package. All that is required by you is to decide which package works best for your budget. Once you purchase a package you will begin to automatically accumulate earnings between .25% and 2% daily. This percentages is announced on the 15th of each month for the next 30 days. It is determined by the profits accumulated by our Sports Trading and Crypto Trading returns.

Here is an example of the way the Trading Bonus can work for you:

You purchase the DB5 Package, which is priced at 1 BTC.

For this month DBB announced a 1.2% daily percentage rate for our members based on our Sports Trading and Cryptocurrency Trading performance.

The Trading Bonus will work like this:

1 BTC (Your Package) x 1.2% (daily profit from sports and cryptocurrency trading) = .012 (Daily Percentage)

Your Trading Bounus = .012 BTC Paid Daily To Your Wallet.

Once your 1 BTC grows to 2 BTC (or doubles) you will have two different options to choose from.

Option 1 - Reinvest your BTC into a package at the same value as your original purchase or higher. This will need to be done within 24 hours of doubling. Once you do this your doubling period restarts. There is no limit to the amount of times you do this.

Option 2- If you would like you can take the BTC in your account, and close your account.

The trading bonus will be paid out daily, directly to your wallet.

The 15th of each month the company will announce the daily percentage that will be paid for the next 30 days based on the profits from our Sports Trading and Crypto Trading.

It will be a minimum of .25% and a maximum of 2% daily return. You will earn the minimum bonus until you are qualified to earn the maximum bonus.

DBB has made it possible for all of our members to earn the Trading Bonus. We have also taken it a step further to reward those members who are actively building their business. You simply need to choose if you would like the Minimum Trading Bonus or the Maximum Trading Bonus!

Option 1 -”Minimum Trading Bonus”
All accounts will be paid a minimum of .25% daily Trading Bonus. This will be paid daily. There is no qualification for this bonus. All packages are eligible to                  earn the Minimum Trading Bonus.

Option 2 - “Maximum Trading Bonus”
On the 15th of each month DBB will release a “Maximum Trading Bonus” to our members. To qualify for the maximum Trading Bonus you are required                  to have personal volume equal to or greater than the package you currently own. Once you are qualified you will earn the maximum Trading Bonus                 which can equal as much as 2% daily! This will be paid every day directly to your wallet.

For instance, if you own the DB5 (1 BTC Level) you could make one personal sale at the DB5 level, or 2 sales a the DB4 (.5 BTC Level). As long as your personal volume is equal to or greater than your own, you are qualified to earn the maximum bonus.

Binary Pay

Step 1: To earn Binary Pay you must qualify by making two personal sales. One sale must be on the right side of your binary, and one sale on the left side of your binary, at any package level. Once you complete this qualification you are now fully qualified to earn Binary Pay. You are only required to qualify one time.

Step 2: To earn Binary Pay you will take all of the volume on your right and left legs, and combine it. The volume on the weaker leg will then be multiplied by the percentage of the package you choose to purchase.

For Example:

If you are the owner of the D5 Package (1 BTC) level than you have a Binary Pay percentage of 9%.

As you can see, you have 100 BTC volume on the left side of your binary and 200 BTC volume on your right side. Since 100 BTC is the weaker leg, you will subtract 100 BTC from both the left and right side of the binary.

Total Binary Volume for Pay Period = 100 BTC (weaker leg volume) x 9% = 9 BTC Binary Pay

This means you would be paid 9 BTC directly to your personal BTC wallet! Also you will still have 100 BTC rollover to the next pay period from the right side of your binary!

*All Binary Pay will be made Daily at Midnight EST

*The minimum daily withdraw amount is .03 BTC

* Refer to the maximum daily binary pay on the packages listed below

DBB BTC Packages

DB 1

DB 2

DB 3

DB 4

Price .01 BTC .025 BTC .1 BTC .5 BTC
Binary Pay 3% 4% 5% 8%
Max Daily Pay .02 BTC .05 BTC .2 BTC 1 BTC

DB 5

DB 6

DB 7

DB 8

Price 1 BTC 2 BTC 3 BTC 5 BTC
Binary Pay 9% 10% 11% 12%
Max Daily Pay 2 BTC 4 BTC 6 BTC 10 BTC

Binary Payment Cycle = Paid Daily

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